3 Ways Business Signs Can Help You Get More Customers

3 Ways Business Signs Can Help You Get More Customers

You have a business, so you know the only way you’ll stay in business is if you get more customers, right?

Marketing can be a hit-or-miss proposition, and you can spend thousands of dollars in the hopes that someone might see your ads (online or offline).

If you have a store or office location where you can place signs (home-based businesses will be the topic for a future article), here are 3 reasons to invest in the proper signage:

  1. Make it easy for people to find you. In a recent survey, 50% of customers found out about a store by seeing a sign. (Compare this to 9% from the newspaper. The canary-colored pages? 6%. TV and Radio ads were a scary 1%.) No sign = bad news. Hence, get hold of a wholesale banners and flags supplier and start marketing right away.
  2. Increase your profits. A change in a sign (if you already have one) showed an increase of up to 15.6% in sales revenue. Update your sign — new logo, brighter colors, fresh layout — whatever you need to get someone’s attention. If people see the same sign day in and day out, it becomes part of the scenery, not as noticed. Something new will grab their attention.
  3. Build your brand. The old adage that it takes 5-12 exposures to a sales message before someone buys? It’s true. Plus today people tend to take even longer to respond because we are inundated with ads on our computers, phones, and tablets. If you’re buying ads, that means you need to run an ad up to a dozen times before they respond, and you have to hope they see your ad each time it runs. Since 85% of your customers will live within 5 miles of your business, they will see your sign over and over,  establishing your brand in their mind — and will remember your brand when they need your product or  service.

Having great signs can boost your business tremendously, build your brand, and increase your profits. Talk to us about a new sign today!

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